excited! Sonny Septian Had Banned Fairuz A Rafiq from Receiving the ‘Disgrace’ Trophy at the Award Event

Jakarta – Sonny Septian recently allegedly insinuated at awards or awards that focused more on the issue of disgrace than the artist’s achievements. Reporting from his personal Instagram, he revealed striking comments regarding this matter.

In his upload statement, he was sad to see that household disgrace was actually used as an award. Apart from that, Fairuz A Rafiq’s husband actually feels sorry for artists who really excel.

Related to this, he also recalled when Fairus A Rafiq had experienced household problems with his ex-husband. Here’s the review, let’s see!

Sonny Septian Claims to Ban Fairuz A Rafiq from Receiving ‘Disgrace’ Trophy

sonny septian

Sonny Septian said, before marrying Fairuz A Rafiq, his wife had experienced household problems with her ex-husband.

Because of that, this could be an opportunity for Fairus A Rafiq to be nominated for an award. However, Sonny Septian actually forbade, did not even allow his wife to come to the award ceremony.

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