excited! Syahnaz Rumored to Be Pregnant with Third Child, Jeje Govinda Allegedly Survived Despite the Excitement of Cheating Issues

Jakarta – An account reveals the alleged reasons for Jeje Govinda’s persistence with Syahnaz Sadiqah even though he is in the midst of an affair with Rendy Kjaernett. He said that Raffi Ahmad’s sister was pregnant with her third child.

In fact, the gestational age is called one month. Netizens were sarcastic and questioned the biological father of Syahnaz’s child. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

Rumored Pregnant Third Child

Syahnaz is suspected of being pregnant with a third child. This was revealed by a gossip account on Instagram.

The age of Raffi Ahmad’s younger sister has even entered one month’s gestation. Allegedly the news of Syahnaz’s pregnancy was the reason for Jeje Govinda to maintain his household.

“The reason why Jeje Govinda kept the household after his wife cheated on him was because Syahnaz Sadiqah was pregnant with her third child? Officially declared 1 month, wrote the account, quoted from Instagram @lambee.pedes, Saturday, 1 July 2023.

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