Expectation Song Lyrics – Aruma and Raim Laode

Jakarta – After the success of her previous work entitled Sickness, Nidewi Aruman or who is familiarly called Aruma, has released a new single entitled Expectations. This time, Aruma took Raim Laode.
Below are the lyrics of the song Ekspektasi – Aruma and Raim Laode. Read more.

Raim laode komang

I don’t know the name broken heart
This feeling is not proven
until i met you
and we call each other you
Lying I know you’re lying
love and loyalty are just words
I’m not okay
I was injured in the same place

My expectations are too high
until i fall in love with you
talk a lot about love
but all is unreal

My expectations are too far
expect too much from you
Until I know everything
Turns out everything hurt me

Sorry living with me sucks
Full of suspicion and exhausting
there is a more tiring life
is your day without me

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