Experiencing a loss of Rp. 13 billion, Goldwin Police the Pilotz Gegara Band Performing Songs of All My Life

Jakarta – Singer, Goldwin Yustantio claimed to have reported the personnel of the Pilotz music group. He conveyed this after holding a press conference for the launch of the remake song entitled “Sepanjang My Life”.

“(Reported) all, all parties involved who tried to register, who performed, many. There are several names,” Goldwin told media crew in the Jakarta area on Saturday, July 8, 2023.

Goldwin admits that he will submit the police report to Bareskrim Polri in 2023. Check out the full review below.

Reasons to Report Pilotz Personnel


Goldwin explained three reasons for reporting Pilotz personnel. First, they were considered to have brought his song entitled “Sesepanjang My Life” without his permission.

Second, Pilotz personnel are deemed to use their Pilot without their permission as well. Finally, they are considered to have violated the decision of the North Jakarta District Court which was sued by him in 2009.

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