‘Eyes Go Up, Lips Come Out of Foam’ Nathalie Holscher Take Adzam Anak Sule to the Hospital

Jakarta – Bad news came from Nathalie Holscher who conveyed the condition of her child and Sule, Adzam was sick. Worse, the child had foam coming out of his mouth.

As a result, Nathalie Holscher was rushed to the hospital. Here’s the full article.

High fever

Tiko and Adzam

Adzam has a high fever. Not only that, the son of Sule and Nathalie Holscher also had foam coming out of his mouth.

This was revealed by Nathalie Holscher via Instagram Story. He also shared moments with the baby who seemed weak.

Oh God, my heart is broken, this is the first time I see a high fever child at home. Suddenly, eyes go up, lips foam,” said Nathalie Holscher on Instagram Story, Friday, June 30, 2023.

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