Facts about the lyrics of the song Fearless – Taylor Swift, which is viral on TikTok, used for the My Red Flags effect

PeekSeleb – Taylor Swift is a famous singer-songwriter who has many popular songs. Taylor Swift’s songs cover a variety of genres such as country pop, pop, and pop rock. One of the many likes is a song called “Fearless”.

The song is widely used as a TikTok sound and has gone viral lately. Here are the facts and meaning of the Fearless song.

Taylor Swift’s Fearless Song Facts

Taylor Swift

The song “Fearless” was actually released by Taylor Swift on January 26, 2009. However, the song “Fearless” went viral again and is widely used on TikTok as a backsound for the My Red Flags filter. Where, TikTok users will see 3 signs that make them say “Red Flags”.

“Song Fearless” describes one’s feelings and experiences in a romantic relationship that is new but full of uncertainty. Tells about the feeling of pure and uncontrollable love, where one feels brave and full of confidence when being with the person he loves.

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