Fadly Faisal Keciduk Still Puts Rebecca Klopper’s Photo on HP Wallpaper, Allegedly Broke a Fraud


Jakarta – Rebecca Klopper was recently found to have deleted Fadly Faisal’s name from his Instagram bio, so it was suspected that they had broken up.

But recently Fadly Faisal was caught still having Rebecca Klopper’s photo installed as wallpaper on his cellphone. What does the wallpaper look like?

Still Posting Rebecca Klopper’s Photo

Fadly Faisal

After Rebecca Klopper stumbled on an exciting video scandal, Fadly Faisal seemed to still be loyal to accompany her even at press conferences. Even so, the two of them are thought to have broken up after Fadly Faisal’s name was no longer in Rebecca’s Instagram bio.

After the excitement of netizens thought that Rebecca Klopper and Fadly Faisal had broken up, recently Fuji’s viral Instagram Story upload showed Fadly’s latest photo.

In the Instagram Story, Fuji seems to be eating with his brother. Fadly Faisal, who was sitting opposite Fuji, smiled broadly at the camera while one of his hands covered the cellphone screen.

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