Feeling Watched, Pierre Gruno Allegedly Abusing a Middle-aged Man in a Bar

Jakarta – Pierre Gruno has now been reported for alleged abuse of GD at the hotel bar, Cilandak, South Jakarta. Rama, GD’s nephew revealed the chronology of the abuse his uncle experienced.

Indeed, at the time of the incident he was not at the crime scene (TKP). But Rama got the story directly from his uncle. Here’s the full article.

Chronology of Events

Pierre Gruno

“As far as I know, my uncle was there. He was hanging out with his friends and going to the bathroom,” said Rama at the South Jakarta Metro Police on Monday, July 3, 2023.

After Uncle Rama came out of the bathroom, he was surprised by the appearance of Pierre Gruno.

“Sampperin with those who hit. (Asked) ‘why are you so cynical looking at me’,” explained Rama.

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