Ferdy Sambo’s son uncovers Princess Candrawathi’s letter behind prison

Jakarta – Ferdy Sambo’s daughter, Trisha Eungelica, leaked the latest condition of her mother, Putri Candrawathi. Through the question and answer session, Trisha showed a letter from her mother who was in prison.

Even so, Trisha Eungelica actually did not visit Princess Candrawathi in prison. Why is that? Take a peek at the article!

Princess Candrawathi’s Letter in Jail

Trisha eungelica

Trisha Eungelica opened a question and answer session on her Instagram. One netizen asked whether Trisha visited Princess Candrawathi in prison. Unexpectedly, Trisha did not visit because Ferdy Sambo’s wife was sick.

“Today visit mom or not sis?” netizens asked, reported by IntipSeleb from Instagram Story @trishaeas, Tuesday, 4 July 2023.

“Nope, mom is sick,” Trisha Eungelica replied.

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