Film ‘Hope’ The True Story of a Jennifer Darren Invites Women to Rise and Be Braver


Jakarta – Successfully becoming Miss Tourism in 2015 and winning Miss World Beauty Queen in 2016, Jennifer Darren is now developing her talents by making films dedicated to women.

Moving on from writing a successful novel that is loved by many people to become a best seller, Jennifer Darren released a film called Hope which combines the emotional feelings of couples through a dance. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the article!

The owner’s full name Clara Jennifer Darren has succeeded in collaborating with several other talents to work through the film Hope by Rumatari Production, which combines the true story of a woman who did not receive good treatment from her partner so that verbal and mental health abuse occurred.

Inviting women to be more assertive and confident, Jennifer Darren plays Joana, a woman who is a victim of an affair and is betrayed by her partner named Jorge, which results in harsh treatment.

This film tells the story of Joana, who is in love with a man of foreign nationality. who can make her fall in love. Being sweet at the beginning of the relationship made Joanna always deny her lover’s original behavior. Lies in relationships.

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