Film Synopsis I Am Wrath (2016), The Story of a Husband’s Revenge for the Death of His Wife

Peek Celebrity Movies – “I Am Wrath” is an American action film released in 2016. The film was directed by Chuck Russell and starred John Travolta as the main character.

In this film, Travolta plays the character Stanley Hill, a former government agent who aspires to seek justice for the brutal murder of his wife. Here’s the full synopsis!

“I Am Wrath” opens the story with the seemingly ordinary life of Stanley Hill. He is a man who works hard, loves his wife, Vivian (played by Rebecca De Mornay), and daughter, Abbie (played by Amanda Schull). However, things changed drastically when Stanley became a direct witness to the brutal murder of Vivian by a group of unknown gangsters.

Stanley was devastated by the tragic death of his wife, and he was furious that the legal system had apparently failed to provide justice for Vivian’s death. Having hit a dead end in his search for the truth, Stanley felt that the law should be enforced in unconventional ways.

A drive for revenge and a desire to bring his wife’s killer to justice moves Stanley to take matters into his own hands. He digs into his past as a former government-trained agent, and together with his old friend, Dennis (played by Christopher Meloni), the two band together to rid the city of the evil that grips it.

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