Finally Coming, Celine Evangelista Reveals Children’s Responses When Meeting Stefan William

Jakarta – Some time ago, Celine Evangelista shared her complaints about her ex-husband, Stefan William, who never came to meet his children. However, his complaint has now received a favorable response.

Celine Evangelista said that Stefan William had already met his children. Here’s the full story.

Celine Evangelista Tells the Children’s Response to Meeting Stefan William

Celine Evangelista

On one occasion after attending an event, the owner’s full name Celine Evangelista Monica Maureen Ricci recounted her ex-husband’s meeting with his children. In his confession, Stefan William’s presence certainly received enthusiasm from his baby.

“When we met at that time, they came once. Surely the children would be happy if they met their father, they would be very happy,” said Celine Evangelista in the Senayan area, Jakarta, on July 4, 2023.

The 31-year-old woman said that Stefan William took advantage of his moments of being together with his baby by playing and going out to eat together.

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