First Look Film Easy Cuan, Anya Geraldine and Vino G Bastian Glamor in front of the rental


Jakarta – WhatsApp chat puzzle between Vino G Bastian, Anya Geraldine and Alzi Makers. The three of them will star in a big screen film titled ‘Easy Cuan’. They will act as brothers who want to pay off their family’s debts.

So, what was the first look of the three in the film ‘Easy Cuan’? Let’s take a peek at the portrait!

First Look Vino G Bastian, Anya Geraldine and Alzi Makers in the film ‘Easy Cuan’


Photo: Special

Vino G Bastian, Anya Geraldine, and newcomer actor Alzi Markers are involved in a big screen film project entitled ‘Easy Cuan’ produced by Temata Studios and Adhya Pictures. This film carries the theme of comedy drama, which was directed by Rahabi Mandra.

The film ‘Easy Cuan’ tells about the struggle of siblings to find cuan or money to save their family from debt. However, the brother and sister tried to pay off the debt without the knowledge of the mother.

Most recently, the film Easy Cuan released its first First Look content featuring the characters Vino, Anya, and Alzi. The three of them wore glamorous suits, but sat on the terrace of a simple rented plot against a backdrop of contrasting luxury buildings typical of the capital city.

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