FLAVS Music Festival Postponed to October 2023, Organizers Say

Jakarta – The organizer, Visicita Network, announced that the FLAVS music festival is postponed. Supposedly, FLAVS will be held on 29-30 July 2023.

Through the information received by the IntipSeleb team, the organizers conveyed a message regarding the announcement of this delay. Take a peek at the full information below.

The organizer said about the postponement of the FLAVS schedule


Photo: Special

As the organizer, the Visicita Network apologizes for this difficult decision, especially to those who have held tickets and have been waiting for the event for a long time.

“The decision to withdraw FLAVS was not an easy one for us. But we believe that this is the best step to be able to provide a better experience for hip hop, soul and RnB music lovers in Indonesia. We hope that the decision to postpone this will be well received so that we can create a better festival experience in October,” said M. Riza, as Festival Director of the Festival, received IntipSeleb from an official statement.

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