Follow in the footsteps of Lucinta Luna, take a peek at Nikita Mirzani’s latest appearance after undergoing head replacement surgery

Jakarta – Willing to fly to South Korea, Nikita Mirzani seems to be following in Lucinta Luna’s footsteps and is addicted to plastic surgery.

Not canned, the actress who is often called the Amazon woman was seen doing head replacement surgery. Is it true? Check out the full article below.

Nikita Mirzani’s condition

Nikita Mirzani

Many previously suspected that Antonio Dedola’s ex-wife had eyelid surgery, now Loly’s mother has revealed her latest condition with her head filled with staples.

Like an addiction to perform plastic surgery even though it has to spend a fantastic amount of money, Nikita Mirzani ignores it, and is willing to endure the pain until a week has passed.

In her latest upload, the mother of three can be seen showing the eyelids that are still swollen after undergoing surgery, and a head full of staples.

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