‘For the sake of Allah’ Sule emphasized that there was no intention to mock Nathalie in the post of the struggle to buy children’s milk


Jakarta – The relationship between ex-husband and wife, Sule and Nathalie Holscher, is again heating up due to a living problem of IDR 25 million. In a commentary, Nathalie said that such a large monthly amount was not enough to meet the needs of their son, Adzam.

Then not long after, Sule uploaded an old photo of him becoming a drumbeat for a living. This post is widely called satirizing Nathalie’s words. Is that right? Let’s take a peek at Sule’s answer!

Sule’s clarification

Youtube.com/Intense Investigation

Photo : Youtube.com/Intense Investigation

After Nathalie Holscher made a scene with a post about the affair allegedly committed by Sule, Sule apparently still communicated, but only through Nathalie’s grandmother.

Rizky Febian’s father also straightened out his old post a few days ago. He said emphatically that he had no intention of being sarcastic.

“There is no intention to even be sarcastic,” said Sule, seen from YouTube Intense Investigation, Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

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