Fuji An Shouted ‘Artist of Death’, Netizens Immediately Fuss and Posture

Jakarta – Haji Faisal’s family is known to have just celebrated the birthday of his grandson, Gala Sky, who is the son of the late Vanessa Angel and Bibi or Ardiansyah. The celebration was of course also attended by Gala’s uncles and aunts namely Fuji An and Fadly Faisal.

However, at this happy moment it seemed that Fuji and his family were reluctant to share more with the media. Like what? Let’s take a peek at the complete information!

Netizens Set Body for Fuji


Photo : Instagram.com/@lambe_danu

A video has circulated showing a journalist allegedly annoyed with the Fuji An family and making offensive sentences. From the video description, Fuji An and his family are considered unfriendly because they are afraid that in the end they will be asked about the presence of Rebecca Klopper.

As is well known, after the exciting video case similar to Rebecca emerged, the continuation of Becca and Fadly’s relationship is still in question.

“There are no smiles, they become artists, artists of death,” said one of the men in the video, quoted from the Instagram account @lambe_danu, Saturday, July 15 2023.

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