Fuji Shouted at ‘Artist of Death’, Haji Faisal was furious: You are protesting against God’s Will

Jakarta – Recently, a viral moment, Fuji An, was shouted at ‘artist of death’ by one of the journalists. This was the aftermath of Fuji’s indifferent attitude and his family’s reluctance to be interviewed more during the Gala Sky birthday celebration.

This moment has reached the ears of Fuji’s father, Haji Faisal. So, what was the reaction like? Let’s take a peek at the article until it runs out!

Hajj Faisal’s response


Photo : Tiktok.com/@keuargadijerman01

Haji Faisal admitted that he did not agree with what the unscrupulous journalist said to his daughter some time ago. The father-in-law of the late Vanessa Angel also considered that this had gone too far.

“That’s what he said, in my opinion, it has gone too far, so yesterday I myself felt a bit offended when I heard and saw the video,” said Haji Faisal, quoted from the Tiktok account for the small family in Germany 01, Monday, 17 July 2023.

The father of four was disappointed with the journalist’s attitude. Because all this time he and his family have tried to be friendly and friendly with journalists.

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