Full! Message from Shani JKT48 when announcing his graduation, for hysterical fans

Jakarta – Shani JKT48 made a big announcement that made fans hysterical. The announcement was made during the JKT48 Summer Festival concert at Tennis Outdoor Senayan.

The JKT48 captain, whose full name is Shani Indira Natio, said that he would soon graduate from the idol group. What was Shani’s message when he announced the graduation? Let’s check the article.

Announce Graduation


Shani JKT48 delivered a message before the last song at the JKT48 Summer Festival. At that moment, the audience present immediately hysterical. They didn’t expect that moment would happen on this day.

Shani could not hold back his tears when he wanted to convey the message of his graduation announcement. This moment is indeed something that JKT48 fans are quite afraid of.

Shani also shared how he felt while being in JKT48.

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