Fully Support Rezky Aditya Do DNA Test, Citra Kirana: I Accept It All

Jakarta – Remaining calm in the midst of doubts and patience, which has disturbed her household so far, Citra Kirana admits that she fully supports her husband in carrying out a DNA test.

Had invited Wenny Ariani to do Kekey’s DNA test with Rezky, is it true that Citra Kirana will accept everything? Let’s scroll below.

Will Accept Reality

Kiran's image

Being a wife who always fully supports her husband every step of the way, Citra Kirana admits that she supported Rezky Aditya to do a DNA test with Kekey to prove the truth about his biological father or not.

Shrouded in anxiety, the woman who is often called Ciki actually admitted that she had agreed to discuss future matters with Rezky if it was proven that Kekey was indeed her child, then Ciki would accept it graciously.

“All this time, I’ve said that if I fully support my husband, Rezky, to do a DNA test. Because I also want to clear up doubts,” said Citra Kirana on YouTube, Ana Sofia Yuking, Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

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