Furious, Nathalie Holscher Asked for Monthly Money from Sule Distop: Please Take Cars and Houses


Jakarta – Even though they are officially divorced, Nathalie Holscher and Sule’s relationship does not seem to be getting better. Constantly being mentioned about the small monthly living of Rp. 25 million, Nathalie is now furious.

Nathalie loudly said that the monthly payment for her son Adzam had just been stopped. Unmitigated, Nathalie even said that Sule was cheating on her. Like what? Take a peek at his narrative below.

Nathalie Holscher Requests Monthly Money for Adzam Distop


Photo : Instagram/@nathalieholscher

Through her personal Instagram, Nathalie Holscher uploaded her latest photo with her baby Adzam. In the caption, Nathalie again mentioned her problem with her ex-husband, Sule.

Talking again about the small monthly payment of Rp. 25 million, Nathalie asked that Adzam’s monthly payment be stopped. He also asked for the car to come home to be picked up.

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, I want to start a new life.. it’s quite busy about living for children and again about property and wealth.. you can just stop monthly adzam, car, house, please take it. God willing, I can go through everything with my child, “ wrote Nathalie Holscher quoted on Monday, July 17, 2023.

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