Gasolina Song Lyrics, Which Becomes the Soundtrack for the Film My Fault Culpa Mia 2023


Spanish – The song is known to be the soundtrack for a Spanish film, namely ‘My Fault’ or ‘Culpa Mia 2023’. Gasolina’s song is also circulating on the social media platform, TikTok. Here are the lyrics of the song, check it out!

Gasolina Song Released in 2010

Daddy Yankee

On this song, Daddy Yankee hooked Pitbull, DJ Buddha, Lil Jon, Noriega to collaborate together.

Furthermore, calibaration has calibaration, the song Gasolina was released in 2010 ago. This song is also part of the album Onda Latina Summer.

My Fault Culpa Mia Movie

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