Gen Halilintar Is Called to Follow a Deviance, This is Geni Faruk’s Answer

Jakarta – After continuing to travel to various countries, the phenomenal Gen Halilintar family has finally returned to Indonesia. Thariq Halilintar used this moment to create content with his mother, Geni Faruk.

In his latest YouTube content, Geni Faruk answers several reports about their family. What did he say? Here’s the information.

Respond to accusations of following heretical sects

geni faruk

Lenggogeni Faruk or who is fondly called Geni Faruk has answered a number of accusations against his family. One of them was the news that the Gen Halilintar family had joined a cult.

Surprised to hear questions from his son, Geni Faruk immediately said forgiveness.

“Astagfirullahaladzim, son… far from things like that,” said Geni Faruk who was surprised when asked by Thariq Halilintar, quoted Monday, July 3, 2023.

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