Geni Faruk Wants a Son-in-law to Make His Children Comfortable, Thariq’s Expression Immediately Becomes the Spotlight

Jakarta – After breaking up with Fuji An, Tariq Halilintar doesn’t seem to have a new relationship. Rumors that circulated strongly said that Tariq’s relationship was hindered by the blessing of his mother, Geni Faruq.

Recently, Geni Faruq also gave an answer about the criteria for the ideal son-in-law for his son, Tariq. However, his statement even reaped negative reactions from netizens. Like what? Here’s the information.

Geni Faruq’s answer Highlighted

Geni Faruk, Tariq Halilintar

While attending an awards ceremony at a TV station, Raffi Ahmad as the host of the event asked Geni Faruq, who was the performer of the event, about Gen Halilintar’s future son-in-law.

“Thariq has grown up, if Tariq wants to get married, what kind of ideal son-in-law does Ms Geni want,” Raffi asked, quoted from TikTok @rctiplusofficial, Saturday, July 1, 2023.

Geni Faruq then admitted that the conversation about his son-in-law had often been discussed. He mentions what kind of partner is expected for his children.

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