Gisel’s response to being asked for a kiss scene with Nicholas Saputra makes Vincen-Desta laugh: don’t think!


Jakarta – Gisella Anastasia without hesitation showed her enthusiasm when telling about the offer of an intimate scene with Nicholas Saputra.

The artist who is called Gisel revealed that he was offered kissing scenes and other intimate scenes with Nicholas Saputra. What’s the scene like?

Gisel Offered a Kissing Scene

Gisella Anastasia became a guest star on the VINDES podcast hosted by Vincent Rompies and Desta, which aired on Monday, 3 July 2023

He recounted his acting experience, namely when he was offered a kissing scene and other quite intimate scenes with Nicholas Saputra.

The offer was made directly by the director, Garin Nugroho. Gisel’s answer made Vincent and Desta laugh out loud.

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