Go public! Rumors about Denny Caknan’s current application showing off his new girlfriend, going to the aisle?

Jakarta – Koplo singer Denny Caknan finally chose to go public about his relationship with soap opera actress Bella Bonita, which he had covered up and kept secret from the public.

Rumors have just made an application, the singer of the song ‘Klebus’ is now announcing his relationship on Instagram. Curious? Scroll through the following articles!

Go public

The owner’s full name Deni Setiawan, also known as Denny Caknan, has now publicly announced his relationship with Bella Bonita, a girl from Madiun who went viral for being a model in the series ‘Kalih Welasku’.

Choosing to keep his relationship secret from the public, the 29-year-old singer reportedly recently proposed after being seen wearing a new ring on his finger. Even in his latest upload, Denny Caknan is seen writing beautiful sentences for his idol.

Hey. Women who can not speak, paint, and sing. @bellabonita_r.a Ah, you really have a lot of flaws that I like,” wrote Denny Caknan, reported on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

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