Golden Hour – JVKE Lyrics with Indonesian Translation


PeekSeleb – Golden Hour is a song popularized by a singer from the United States, namely Jacob Dodge Lawson or better known as JVKE.

Even though it was released in 2022, this song is still popular, you know. It was even used as a viral background content on social media. Let’s take a peek at the full lyrics below.

Golden Hour Lyrics – JVKE

It was just two lovers
Sittin’ in the car, listening to Blonde
Fallin’ for each other
Pink and orange skies, feelin’ super childish
No. Donald Glover
Missed call from my mother
Like, “Where are you at tonight?” Got no alibis

I was all alone with the love of my life
She’s got glitter for skin
My radiant beam in the night
I don’t need no light to see you

It’s your golden hour (oh)
You slow down time
In your golden hour (oh)

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