Gonta Admit Changing ART Up to 50 Times, Inara Rusli: I’m Not Grumpy, But…


Jakarta – After deciding to divorce Last Child vocalist Virgoun and removing the veil, Inara Rusli was suddenly flooded with jobs. He is often invited to various events, including podcasts for artists.

Most recently, when invited to Kemal Palevi’s podcast, Inara answered a question about reports that said she had changed her maid or household assistant dozens of times. What did Inara say? Let’s take a peek at the complete information!

Allow Gonta Change ART

Youtube.com/Kemal Palevi

Photo : Youtube.com/Kemal Palevi

Recently, on his podcast show, Kemal Palevi asked Inara directly about the statement by Eva Manurung, Inara’s former mother-in-law, who said that she frequently changed household members up to 50 times.

Apparently, Inara also confirmed this. However, according to him, the total replacement of ART must also be seen in terms of time.

“Yes, our marriage has been going on for 9 years, so in total, it’s been 50 times. One year has how many days? 360 days,” Inara answered in her chat with Kemal Palevi, quoted on Saturday, July 15 2023.

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