Hajar Reinaldo “The Kong”, Alfiandi’s Name Shines at One Pride MMA 70


PeekSeleb – Another fierce battle took place at the One Pride MMA 70 arena. The duel between Alfiandi vs Reinaldo Kasibulan was one of the fiercest duels that took place in the 61.2 Kg Catchweight class on Saturday, 15 July 2023.

Alfiandi managed to finish off Reinaldo’s fierce resistance through a fierce battle that lasted for two rounds. Let’s take a peek at their match!

The Way of the Fight


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Entering the first round, Reinaldo appeared aggressive by throwing low kicks directly at Alfiandi. The attack of the fighter nicknamed The Kong made Alfiandi fall down. However, the counterattack released by Alfiandi put Reinaldo in a pressured position. The fighter nicknamed The Cat managed to put Reinaldi in a depressed position and put Reinaldo in a triangle choke position.

Reinaldo, who was in a pressured position, managed to throw punches at Alfiandi. The Cat had to survive Reinaldi’s brutal attacks, and blood was even visible from the fighter’s face. Alfiandi tries to get out of the pressure. Reinaldo, who was in an advantageous position, did not want to let this opportunity pass. The slamming of the fighter nicknamed The Kong made Alfiandi fall again.

Entering the last minute of the first round, Reinaldo managed to launch a triangle choke attack towards Alfiandi. It’s a shame The Kong’s efforts had to be stopped after the remaining time in the first round ran out.

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