Halal OTW, Denny Caknan Unravels the Contents of Intimate Chats with Bella Bonita

Jakarta – Happy news is covering the hearts of Denny Caknan and soap opera actress Bella Bonita after they both went public and are ready to step down the aisle.

Will be holding a marriage ceremony tomorrow in Madiun, what is the content of Denny’s intimate message to Bella Bonita? Scroll through the following articles!

Contents of the Friendly Message

Denny caknan

After breaking up with Happy Asmara and choosing to focus on his career until he finds a new love interest, Denny Caknan has now gone public about his relationship with Bella Bonita.

Even after two days of going public, the singer of the song ‘Klebus’ was immediately determined to invite his lover to go down the aisle even though the two had not known each other for long. Even in the midst of this good news, Denny Caknan had time to post the contents of his intimate chat with Bella Bonita on the story and then deleted it again.

Just got to the hotel” wrote Denny Caknan’s message to Bella Bonita, reported Thursday, July 6, 2023.

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