Hanum Mega sells husband’s Vespa to buy milk: Minus used for adultery

Jakarta – Hanum Mega made an announcement on his Instagram account that he would be selling the Vespa motorbike that his husband, Achmad Herlambang, often uses.

He explained that the Vespa motorbike was still in smooth condition. Like what? Scroll in full below.

Selling a Used Vespa fornication

Hanum Mega

The households of Hanum Mega and Achmad Herlambang or Bambang are in the spotlight. The celebgram as well as the beauty vlogger previously revealed about her husband’s infidelity by distributing evidence of obscene chats to the public.

After distributing evidence of the nasty chat, Hanum Mega announced that he would sell the Vespa motorbike that Bambang used to use.

For sale, a Vespa motorbike for 25 million for the judge’s milk. Interested immediately comment, “ he wrote on the Instagram account @real.hanummegaa, which was re-uploaded by the lambe_turah Instagram account.

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