Happy Asmara Releases Live Version of Conscious Position Song Ahead of Denny Caknan’s Marriage, Flood of Support

Jakarta – The news of Denny Caknan’s marriage to Bella Bonita is becoming a hot issue that is being highlighted by the public. In the midst of this news, Happy Asmara, who is Denny Caknan’s ex-girlfriend, released a version of the song Conscious Position live.

The song and video clip were immediately selling well and so trending number 1 on YouTube. Happy Asmara has also received a lot of support. Like what?

Release of the song Conscious Position Live Version

Happy Asmara recently launched a song and video clip entitled Aware of Position. For information, the song Conscious Position has been released since 2020, but on Thursday, July 6 2023 version live of this song was released.

The song and its video clip can be watched on Royal Music’s RC Music YouTube channel. The song ‘Conscious of Yourself’ was composed by Bayu G2b.

Whether coincidentally or not, the song was released not long after Denny Caknan announced that he would marry his new partner, Bella Bonita.

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