Hasninda Ramadhani Undergoes Examination of Exciting Video Threat Reports, Include Additional Evidence

Jakarta – FTV artist, Hasninda Ramadhani is being questioned at the West Jakarta Police for her report on threats using an edited video that looks like her. This was conveyed by his attorney, Prabowo Febriyanto.

“Earlier it was checked at around 2 to 6 o’clock, which means it took about 4 more hours, and it will be finished a little more,” said Prabowo Febriyanto to the media crew at the West Jakarta Police on Friday, July 21, 2023.

Prabowo explained to the media crew in more detail the development of his client’s case. Take a peek in full below.

Police Investigate the Perpetrators


Photo : Instagram/hasninda_r

Prabowo said the police had begun to investigate the perpetrators of his client’s threats. Even so, his party could not disclose whether the perpetrator was an acquaintance or close person of Hasninda or not.

“The important points are that the police and investigators can later confirm that they are digging deeper into the mastermind behind the perpetrator. Is it a close friend, does it use Joko, a hacker, or something else. Here also the BAP investigation has been carried out. Even though it took a long time, God willing, the results will be good,” he said.

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