Having basic fast running, Olivia Jensen is ready to compete against Laura’s love

Jakarta – Olivia Jensen is known as a popular actress in Indonesia. His figure, often wara-wiri on the television screen.

Apart from being busy as a public figure, he is also an artist who likes to exercise. It is known that Olivia Jensen will play in the Indonesian Celebrity Sports Tournament which will start on July 8, 2023. Here’s the full review. Let’s see!

Olivia Jensen Starts Sprint Training or Fast Running

Olivia Jensen - Sabrina

At the event, Olivia will play in the 100 meter athletics event and will face Cinta Laura, Aqeela Calista, Maria Vania, Fanny Ghassani, and Maria Selena.

In his explanation to the media crew, the owner’s full name Olivia Lubis Jensen admitted that he had started training by sprinting.

“I often practice alone in the park, sprint like that, right? We sprint for 100 meters, but usually for 200-300 meter tournaments, yes they (the committee) adjust because the participants are not athletes,” said Olivia Jensen in the area Senayan, Central Jakarta, yesterday, 4 July 2023.

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