‘Heart to Make People’s Tragedy Become a Field of Money’, Writer of KKN in Dancer Village Rejects Book Royalties

Jakarta – KKN in the Dancer Village is a story written by Simpleman on Twitter. Because of the boom, the story was made into a book and also a film. Both books and films are still in demand in the market.

Said to be based on a true story, it seems that the writer of the story, namely Simpleman, often gets nasty comments from netizens. Until then he did not want to receive royalties from KKN books in the Dancer Village. I wonder why, huh? Take a peek at the answer below.

Called Making Tragedy a Field of Money

Raditya Dika succeeded in bringing in the figure of Simpleman, the writer of the KKN horror story in the Dancer Village. In his conversation, the man from East Java admitted that he often received offensive comments. One of them is that he was accused of making other people’s tragedies a field of money.

“That criticism really hurts. This is a tragedy, but why did you book it? Why did you make money? There are, a lot of them. That’s what makes me wow, am I really bad, huh. Turning people’s tragedies into a field for my money. Me too after reading I didn’t sleep all night on that tweet. Yes, I am really evil,” said Simpleman, quoted from YouTube Raditya Dika, Thursday, July 13, 2023.

Decide Not to Take Royalties

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