Heartbroken, Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita’s application moments circulate on social media!

Jakarta – In the midst of lots of bad news in the domestic life of Indonesian artists, Koplo singer Denny Caknan brings happy news. He decided go public with his new girlfriend, Bella Bonita.

In fact, reportedly Denny and Bella will soon get married. The moment of Denny and Bella’s application went viral. Like what? Let’s take a peek!

Moment of application by Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita

Bella bonita, denny

Through his Instagram, Denny Caknan uploaded two beautiful portraits of Bella Bonita accompanied by romantic and touching captions. Suddenly, the news immediately became a hot topic of conversation on social media.

A TikTok account also shared a moment where it was suspected that the application procession was showing Denny Caknan’s seriousness with Bella Bonita.

Yesterday’s application procession at Bella Bonita’s house,” wrote @reno_b29, quoted Thursday, July 6, 2023.

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