Heated, Antonio Dedola dismantled Nikita Mirzani once threatened to kill Loly

Jakarta – Antonio Dedola recently exposed Nikita Mirzani’s character to Loly. After revealing that Nikita always forced Loly to live selling for hours on end, now Antonio is back to uploading a conversation with Nikita which has succeeded in shocking him.

In that conversation, Nikita threatened Loly to commit suicide and even intended to kill her. What is the content of the chat like? Take a peek in full below.

Nikita Threatens to Kill Loly

Antonio Dedola said that Nikita Mirzani wanted to kill Loly

Through his Instagram Story, Antonio Dedola again exposed Nikita Mirzani’s treatment of his eldest daughter, Loly. In the uploaded screenshot, you can see Nikita’s message to Antonio threatening to kill Loly.

Even Nikita told Loly to choose between killing herself with poison or staying forever in the room and having no future.

“This is what a mother says to her daughter,” wrote Antonio Dedola quoted on Jumar, 7 July 2023.

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