Heavy Kupendam Lyrics, Soundtrack for the 200 Pounds Beauty Film, Played by Syifa Hadju

Jakarta – For you lovers of Korean films, there is good news. Yes, a film titled 200 Pounds Beauty, which was adapted from a Korean film, will soon be shown.

It is known that the film starred actress Syifa Hadju as the main character. Investigate a calibaration, the film 200 Pounds Beauty raises the issue of beauty standards. In addition to the interesting storyline, the soundtrack also stole the public’s attention. Here’s the full review, let’s see!

Movie 200 Pounds Beauty

Syifa Hadju

Previously, the original Korean film with the same title was released in 2006. In this Indonesian version of the remake, Syifa Hadju plays a total role to make her look fat in the film.

As information, in the film 200 Pounds Beauty, Syifa Hadju plays a character named Juwita. Juwita herself is a chubby girl with a beautiful voice talent. However, due to the condition of his body, he could not appear to be a star.

Furthermore, here are the lyrics of the song Berat Kupendam which became the original soundtrack for the film 200 Pounds Beauty.

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