Her vacation with Desta is in the spotlight, said Natasha Rizki


Jakarta – After officially divorcing on June 19 2023 yesterday, Desta and Natasha Rizki are seen still in harmony together accompanying their children on vacation to Malaysia.

This moment was in the public spotlight, even making Desta scorned. So, what did Natasha Rizki say? Let’s check in the following article!

Said Natasha Rizki about vacation with Desta

Natasha Rizky

Both Natasha Rizki and Desta both uploaded their vacation moments together on their personal Instagram. Not only their three children, the two public figures also invited their respective mothers.

Unfortunately, in the midst of this sweet moment, there were still a handful of netizens who commented negatively. Desta is called caper (seeking attention). The netizen criticized Desta on the assumption that he was only seeking public attention by showing off their good relationship even though they were divorced.

A bit caper huh ???? let it be said “still good relations even though they are divorced”,” wrote a netizen who was immediately answered wisely by Desta.

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