Here are Rony Parulian’s biodata and facts, 3rd place winner for Indonesian Idol 2023, Rocker Sweet


Jakarta – The figure of Rony Parulian is often busy being discussed by netizens on social media. He managed to win the Top 3 position at the Indonesian Idol Season 12 2023 event.

Having extraordinary talent at such a young age, who exactly is Rony Parulian? Let’s get acquainted with Rony Parulian through the review below.

The life of Rony Parulian

Rony Parulian

The owner’s full name Rony Parulian Nainggolan was born in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra on June 9 2001. He is the third of four children who have Batak blood from his father, and Southeast Sulawesi from his mother.

In the midst of his activities as a singer, Rony Parulian is known to have formal education at Jakarta State University.

Often Participate in Talent Search Events

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