He’s Comfortable, Often WAs Me


Jakarta – Rossa’s name was closely associated with YouTuber Reza Arap. The two were rumored to have a close relationship to the extent that Rossa was accused of being the third person who made Arap divorce with Wendy Walters.

Even though the issue has passed, what is Rossa’s response? Let’s take a peek in the following article!

Describe the Beginning of Closeness with Reza Arap


Photo : Instagram/itsrossa910

When she appeared on Denny Sumargo’s podcast, Rossa explained how her relationship with Reza Arap first started. The Indonesian pop diva admitted that at that time she was close to Arap but only friends, because Arap didn’t have too many friends.

“So at that time, Arap was indeed having turmoil, right? Well, we at IGT (Indonesian Got Talent) do have a group that likes not to talk about it clearly. So Arap is indeed an introvert, but also an extrovert,” said Rossa, laughing on Denny Sumargo’s YouTube Channel, quoted on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

“At that time, Arap and I were close, because Arap likes to WA ‘Where are you Ca?” said Rossa.

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