His cheeks were pinched, Chateez was beaten until he pulled Ananda Omesh’s shirt


PeekSeleb – A shocking incident happened to one of the top hosts and comedians, Ananda Omesh. He seemed to be beaten until his shirt was pulled by a streamer named Chateez.

What made Chateez dare to do this to Omesh?

Hit and Pull


Photo : Instagram/chaterineealicia

Chateez came under the spotlight after suddenly acting impolite while on a talk show with Ananda Omesh. He was seen hitting and pulling Omesh’s shirt, who at that time was the host.

The moment happened when the two of them were talking. Then Omesh suddenly grabbed the cheek of Chateez who was sitting next to him.

Seemingly displeased with this treatment, Chateez finally shook off Omesh’s hand. He even hit and pulled Dian Ayu Lestari’s husband’s clothes.

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