Hoping to Reach IDR 1 Billion from Open Donation Instead of Getting IDR 1, Denise Chariesta: Rich People in My Eyes

Jakarta – Denise Chariesta had high hopes from the open donation she made for birth expenses. Unmitigated, the flower seller program hopes to reach IDR 1 billion.

But in fact he actually received a donation of IDR 1 from followers-his. Receiving a small donation, Denise Chariesta also opened her voice. Like what?

Denise Chariesta’s Response Gets a Donation of IDR 1

Denise Chariesta

Being pregnant without a husband, Denise Chariesta decided to open an open donation to pay for her delivery costs.

Previously, JK’s former lover expressed his hope of getting donations of up to IDR 1 billion. This amount is so that the delivery costs can run smoothly until the end.

“If it’s possible, it’s up to Rp. 1 billion, so that the delivery goes smoothly. You still have to be on guard, right? Can you go to the hospital? If you can, it’s okay,” said Denise Chariesta, quoted from VIVA, Friday, July 7, 2023.

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