Husband cheating with fellow men, celebgram Meylisa Zaara is now being blasphemed because of this video

East Java – Selebgram Meylisa Zaara is still being discussed as a result of admitting that her husband cheated on her. To make matters worse, her husband had an affair with another man.

Initially receiving a lot of sympathy from the public, now this celebrity from Tulungagung is actually blasphemed and considered to romanticize his affair case due to a video. What videos are you referring to?

Meylisa Zaara Now Blasphemed

Selebgram Meylisa Zaara attracted public attention because she was a victim of her husband’s affair. She admitted that she caught her husband’s intimate chat with another man.

When the husband found out that Meylisa Zaara had read his intimate chat, her husband then took violent action and beat Meylisa until she was bruised and injured.

Now Meylisa Zaara is known to be in the process of divorcing her husband. However, slowly this hijab-wearing celebrity is reaping blasphemy due to her latest upload on her Instagram account.

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