‘I want it to be finished and nothing to lose’ Here’s Citra Kirana’s message to Wenny Ariani

Jakarta – Bak has been very patient through the problems that have happened to her husband and small family, Citra Kirana is now firmly sending a message to Wenny Ariani as the plaintiff in the Rezky Aditya case.

In her chat on the Ana Sofia Yuking podcast, the former Cover Girl openly asked for everything to be over soon. Is it true? Check out the full article below.

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Not wanting to interfere with Rezky’s past story with Wenny Ariani, Citra Kirana as Rezky Aditya’s legal wife is now sending a message and her hopes for Rezky’s case, which is considered Kekey’s biological father, to be resolved soon.

Calmly, the woman who was born on April 23, 1994 wants everything to end well and that no party will be harmed later.

“Of course, I want everything to end well. I want no one to be harmed, everything is according to the rules. Because it’s tiring when life is always being chased by problems,” said Citra Kirana on YouTube, Ana Sofia Yuking, Tuesday, July 4 2023.

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