In Direct Face, Prilly Latuconsina Salting Admits the Dikta of Her Ideal Man


Jakarta – The beautiful actress Prilly Latuconsina met singer Dikta in a film project series. The chemistry that the two got made many netizens match them up.

On one occasion, Prilly admitted that Dikta was one of the criteria for her ideal man. What is Dikta’s reaction? Let’s see the information!

Admit Dikta Entered as in the Criteria of His Ideal Man Entertainment

Photo : Entertainment

Prilly Latuconsina and Dikta have just been invited to a podcast to discuss the project as well as their closeness. In one moment, the show host alluded to an article which said that Prilly admitted that Dikta was her ideal man.

Hearing the question, Prilly immediately felt embarrassed and had time to deny it.

“Really,” Prilly said, looking down and laughing, quoted from YouTube OPRA Entertainment, Thursday 20 July 2023.

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