Inara Rusli admits that she has not been supported by Virgoun for 2 months: I don’t want to be bothered

Jakarta – Inara Rusli recently decided to open the veil. She also argued that she decided to remove the veil because she had to support her 3 children.

Recently, the owner of the name Inara Idola Rusli admitted that Virgoun had not been given a living for 2 months. Read more below.

Confess 2 Months Not Supported by Virgoun

In the podcast with Anji, Inara Rusli recounted the beginning when he decided to have a career again. The mother of 3 children admitted that she felt confused.

However, with a heavy heart and out of urgency so that the child could go to school again, he finally decided to return to a career in the entertainment world.

“When I first decided to return to my career, I was confused, so I brought it to the night prayer,” said Inara Rusli, launched on the MANJI world YouTube channel on July 5, 2023.

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