Inara Rusli was accused of winning an award, Richard Lee immediately put on his body

Jakarta – Inara Rusli previously received two awards at an event, in the categories of life and romance. However, not a few netizens are sarcastic about this award.

Richard Lee then defended Inara Rusli. Like what? See below in full.

Inara Rusli was accused of receiving an award

Inara Idola Rusli won 2 award categories, namely life and love. Receiving the award, he admitted that he was confused.

I never said I was proud to receive an award for being cheated on, but with this I hope to be an inspiration for women out there,” said Inara Rusli.

“But again this is proof from Allah when there is pleasure that is taken and sincerely will be given thousands of favors,” he added.

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