Indra Kristianto’s party tries to reconcile with Shinta Bachir, even though her husband admits that he has stepped on his self-esteem

Jakarta – Artist Shinta Bachir’s marriage is now in the spotlight again. The reason is, on July 7 2023, she filed for divorce against her husband, Indra Kristianto, at the East Jakarta Religious Court.

On one occasion, Nasution as Indra Kristianto’s lawyer explained the problems between his client and Shinta Bachir. Here’s the full review, let’s take a peek!

Indra Kristianto Shocked by Shita Bachtiar’s Divorce Sued


Photo : Instagram/@shinta_bachir86

Nasution, acting as Indra Kristianto’s attorney, said that his client was shocked when he learned the news that Shinta Bachir had filed for divorce.

“So, on the part of Mr. Indra and Ms. Shinta, there was no negotiation. Shinta filed a lawsuit, meaning that he decided to separate, and Indra himself was shocked, right? ,” said Nasution at the South Jakarta Religious Court, Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

Will Seek Peace

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