Inge Anugrah Shopping for her First Son’s Clothes, Netizens Cried: Yesterday her mother was ugly


Jakarta – Inge Anugrah, who is in the process of divorcing Ari Wibowo, shows a moment with their first son, Kenzo Wibowo.

On one occasion, Inge Anugrah showed she was buying clothes for Kenzo Wibowo. But netizens sneered. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

Shopping Together Get Nyinyir

Inge Anugrah shows a moment with her first son and Ira Wibowo’s sister on her Instagram account. He admitted that Kenzo Wibowo was in his infancy and now needed new clothes.

The two made an agreement in a mall and let Kenzo Wibowo choose the clothes of his choice.

“Kenzo needs more shirts. It’s normal for a teenager to get big quickly, especially when he really likes the gym. So it’s really fast. He likes the plain ones, the cool ones, the delicious ones,” said Inge Anugrah, quoted from her Instagram.

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